Tages Breakfast Menu

Tages serves cooked breakfasts every weekday between At 7.30 am – 10 am. You can also get the menus Take-away.
Here you get a good start to the day and a really good morning.

No 1

Coffee/tea/chocolate, cheese or ham sandwich.

Coffee/tea/chocolate, egg or liver paté sandwich 

No 2

Coffee/tea/chocolate, Overnight Oats. Cheese or ham sandwich

No 3

Coffee/tea/chocolate cheese or skinkfralla, freshly squeezed juice, Yoghurt with Tages Granola or a Smoothie.

No 4

Coffee/tea/chocolate and freshly squeezed juice, fried ham with eggs and potatoes.


Cappuccino/coffee Latte/fresh berries/eggs

Tages konditori och kök

Alla dagar till 20

Frösövägen 32 B, Frösön | 063–51 84 07 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Konditoriets öppettider: Måndag-Fredag kl 7:30-20. Lördag-Söndag kl 9-20
Kökets öppettider: Måndag-Fredag kl 9-20. Lördag-Söndag kl 10-20

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