Christmas plate

229 kr
  • Our own pickled herring with star anise and lingonberry
  • Our own tomato herring
  • Gubbröra
  • Potato

  • Salmon with homemade butler sauce
  • Hot smoked salmon
  • Egg half with mayonnaise & shrimp
  • Brie with fig chutney

  • Ham with mustard and apple chutney
  • Veal jam with our own beetroot salad
  • Country paté with cumberland sauce and gherkins
  • Smoked elk sausage from Hedmans in Strömsund
  • Smoked karré

Including Small&Warm

(+50 kr)

Addition to the Christmas plate

  • Homemade minced meatballs from Jämtlandsgården
  • Prince sausages
  • Our own tasty Jansson's Frestelse

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